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Replica of ancient ship to be displayed in Turkey’s Antalya

The replica of an ancient ship designed by a German archaeologist will be anchored in Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

Dominique Gorlitz designed the Abora-IV using reeds, taking inspiration from ancient rock paintings he found in the Nubian Desert, east of the Sahara Desert.

The ship will be displayed in the ancient city of Patara, Antalya which was a hub for Egyptian traders in ancient times.

The project aims to show how Egyptian sailors in those times reached the Black Sea ports on small hand-made vessels.

The 14-meter-long ship was built in Varna, Bulgaria with reeds brought from Bolivia.

It set sail from the Port of Varna on Aug.1 and reached Turkey’s northwestern coast of Çanakkale passing through the Bosporus. This was its first voyage to Turkey.

Gorlitz, also the captain of the ship, visited the Çanakkale 18 Mart University for a symposium.

He offered the ship to Turkish authorities as a gift after it completes a Mediterranean tour between Sept. 15-20.

Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Ministry accepted the generous offer.

The Abora-IV will be welcomed with a ceremony at the Port of Kas in Antalya province on Thursday evening.

The exhibition is an initiative of Turkey’s Deputy Foreign Minister and Director for EU Affairs Ambassador Faruk Kaymakçı.